Sensual aesthetics – perfection in form and function

Pendant luminaires

Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union. Frank Lloyd Wright

A highlight of evolution captured for eternity. Flowing, bionic forms in the sublime grace of nature's great creations inspired Design Dieter K. Weis, as did those masterpieces of human ingenuity from a time when design was all about aerodynamics. Streamlined curves as the shortest path between engineering technology and visual harmony for perfection in form and function. Accentuated by the surrounding interior design, sculpture makes a statement rather than adding an accent. Made of solid cast aluminium with lavish hand-crafted finishes, sculpture hovers like a Zeppelin flexibly suspended on delicate wires, topped off with innovative lighting technology using gesture control. 

  • Designpreis 2012
  • Interior Innovation Award 2011
  • Product Design Awards 2011
  • Good Design Awards 2010
millelumen sculpture

The lighting body made from cast aluminium is carefully manufactured and prepared by hand for accomodating the delicate mechanic components and the sophisticated light and light management technology as well as for the precious lacquers. A masterpiece of traditional founding made in Germany: The massive but delicate body of the luminaire is cast from pure aluminium in one piece. The precious metal is light, fully recyclable and provides ideal cooling to the integrated technology. For the millelumen sculpture in chrome and 24k gold plated another process was chosen: Each body gets cut out of a full block of aluminium by a milling machine in over 12 hours. Only this ensures perfect galvanised surfaces. 

Whether plain-coloured or in carbon-design, semi- or high-gloss special lacquers in any requested colour or even chromed and 24k gold-plated aluminium: The surface of each lighting corpus made from cast aluminium is individually refined by hand. Standard surfaces are available in high-gloss colours white and black, semi-gloss anthracite and silver and in high-gloss carbon design of these four varieties. Special colours like Ferrari red are available on request. As all surfaces are exquisitely and time-consuming handcrafted step by step, each and every millelumen sculpture is a valuable and unique specimen - created to last. 

millelumen sculpture Dimmen / Dimming


Light may be controlled by means sensor on the luminaire bodys lower surface. The sensor is developed and produced in Germany. With this sensor it is possible to control the light through simple hand movements: 

Stepless brightness control in the BASIC WHITE version and stepless brightness and colour temperature in the COMFORT WHITE version. It is possible to receive a touchsensor-field instead of the touchless sensor on request.

sculpture rot / red
sculpture Baldachin
sculpture Aufhängung / Suspension
sculpture Höhenversteller / Height adjustment

For a perfect appearance the ceiling box and the luminaire body always come in matching colours. Special colours are available on request. 

The wire brackets "hover" contactfree in the body notches. The single conductor wires are easily mountable and exchangeable if necessary. 

The available drop light version has an intelligent pendant mechanism integrated into delicate turned design housing components matching the shape and surface of the luminaire body.