millelumen surfin´

Breakers, surfers, surfboards and summer sun were the inspiration for the unique design of the SURFIN’ family of luminaires. Designed to install with separate or integrated power supply, SURFIN’ meets all requirements with effortless ease and elegance.

SURFIN’ achieves indirect LED lighting of the best kind: bright, glare free and available at different colour temperatures to suit individual architectural requirements.

  • Surfin' Pendant

    Surfin' Pendant

    The millelumen surfin’ pendant luminaires are completely made of aluminium and are available in 3 different lengths (1.050 mm, 1.450 mm and 1.850 mm). The customer can choose between 6 different surfaces (white, aluminium satined, chrome, 24k gold plated, anthracite metallic and black matt). The ceiling boxes comes always in the same surface. Optional accessory as rise&fall-suspenion for a smooth height-adjustment is available on request for a surcharge.

    The efficient LED light sources in the millelumen surfin’ pendant luminaires can supplied with 3 different light temperatures: 2.700K, 3.000K or 4.000K. All millelumen surfin’ pendant luminaires are equipped with TRIAC-dimmable transformers in series (DALI or Casambi dimming are also available as options). Different colour temperatures or dimming-technologies can be request individually.




    Surfin' Pendant Surfin' Pendant Surfin' Pendant
  • Surfin' Wave

    Surfin' Wave

    millelumen SURFIN’ is also available as a suspended ceiling luminaire system for indirect light. It is versatile and extendable for many purposes in ambitious interior design projects. Ideally suited for the illumination of corridors, passages, and public areas it never appears too technical.

    Surfin' Wave Surfin' Wave
  • Wall & Ceiling luminaires

    The millelumen surfin’ surface mounted wall-&ceiling luminaires come without an transformer and can be used both as wall luminaires and as ceiling luminaires. Transformers must be placed externally. The millelumen surfin’ profiles are made completely of aluminium with a white powder-coating finish. The millelumen surfin’ profiles are available in different lengths: 510mm, 710mm, 1.010mm, 1.225mm or 1.530mm. They are equipped with efficient 24V LEDs that can be ordered in different colour temperatures: 2.700K, 3.000K or 4.000K. Other Kelvin colour temperatures, Warmwhite-Coldwhite LEDs or RGB-LEDs can be realized on request for a possible surcharge. Transformers for the millelumen surfin’ profiles for wall & ceiling can be ordered with us in dimmable and non-dimmable versions.

    Wall & Ceiling luminaires
    Wall & Ceiling luminaires
    Wall & Ceiling luminaires
  • Versatile possibilities

    Versatile possibilities

    With millelumen’s range of accessories, the millelumen SURFIN’ profiles can be used in various fields of application. A round canopy allows the creation of interesting light sculptures with six profile arcs. The necessary drivers for the SURFIN’ profiles of 510 and 710 mm length can be integrated into these canopies.

  • Accessories & fixtures

    millelumen offers various accessories that solve different potential difficulties on site, thus ensuring a simple installation process.

    Accessories & fixtures